Our History

The Red Rose Quilters Guild is an organization with the goal of promoting the art of quilting in its many forms through an active program of education and study. To this end, the Guild provides lectures, hands-on workshops, and educational programs on a variety of subjects relating to quilts and quilting at its regular monthly meetings.

In addition, the Guild and its members seek to maintain the tradition of many quilters who historically have provided items of warmth and comfort to those around them by making small quilts for the children who come to the Transitional Living Center, BIRD Ministries, Milagro House, AseraCare, and the Domestic Violence Center of Lancaster.

Our meetings are informative and fun, while providing a place for fellowship with others who share the love of quilting.

We currently have 165 members of all ages and level of quilting skills; We have many members who are just learning how to quilt, and fiber artists and craftswomen as well as the traditionalists who hope to preserve our quilt making heritage here in Lancaster county.


History of the Red Rose Quilters Guild

Looking Forward, Looking Back

January 1983

Donna Luicidi
Organized and was first President of the Guild.
Donna placed an ad in the local paper to see if there was any
interest in the area to form a quilting group. To her surprise 28 women showed
up for that first meeting.

In April of 1985, it became an official NQA Chapter, #295-PA#17, of the
National Quilting Association, Inc.

The meetings were held at the American Legion Hall off of ManheimPike. Some notes of interest for 1985 were: Member Doris Riexinger’s Double Wedding Ring quilt was used in the production of the play”Quilters” at the Fulton Theater. Effie Eshelman won Best of Showat Town Fair with her Lone Star Quilt.

Our logo was designed by charter member Marge Gearhart’s Artist sister, Emily Nendza about the same time period (1986-1987) that Marge was presidentof the guild. Marge sat poised while her sister Emily sketched her.Emily donated the drawing to the guild and it is now a registered trademark of the guild.

In 1987 the RRQG was preparing for their first Quilt Show. Members donateditems to be sold at craft show at Park City. By this year theGuild had 79 members.

In 1988 was the year of the First Quilt Show. The show was held
at the old Lititz Recreation Center on August 11-13, 1988. Sixty-
one quilter, of which 38 were Guild members, exhibited over 108
quilts. Allison Goss was the featured quilter at the show.
WGAL TV featured the show on the evening news. The show was
not judged but attendees voted for viewers’ choice.
Marion Sachs and Betty Croll’s quilts were chosen as viewer’s choice.

Donna Luicidi and her quilting were featured in the Lancaster Farming paper.Effie Eshelman’s Lancaster Rose quilt went to the Houston QuiltFestival as the Pennsylvania representative to an exhibit called “America Makes Quilts.”

Several members Christmas quilts went to the city of Lancaster for an”Old Fashioned Holidays Downtown” exhibition held in an empty storefront.

In the meantime – Quilters from all over began coming to Lancaster County for what was to become an annual event – Quilters Heritage Celebration Quilt Show and conference – organized by Illinois residentRita Barber.

1989 notes: The guild was selected to make a banner to represent
Pennsylvania in the exhibit called “Flags over the Hudson – A Colorful Welcome” sponsored by the Great American Quilt Festival.

Marge Gearhart taught her first infamous pineapple jacket class tomany guild members. (she’s been having one ever since and everyyear she says the same thing “This is possibly my last class for this jacket” she continues to say!)

The guild’s first pot-luck dinner was held in February, now a tradition.

The Library was established in the summer of this year. It
first started with 13 books and 3 videos and as of 2011, we have over 250 books, and 8 videos.

This was also the year the guild started to make and donate
quilts to the Shelter for Abused Women. “We began to hold
charity workshops to make the quilts and soon found out that theseworkshops provided an excellent opportunity for us to get toknow each other better as brushed up on our quilt making techniques. ”

Guild members donated a total of 7 wall hangings to the LancasterDay Care Center auction that year.

1991 – The Guild moved to Calvary Church for their meetings.
Membership for that year was 104 members

1994 – First Annual Retreat at Camp Swatara – 15 members attended.



1983 – 1984 – Donna Luicidi

1985 – Patricia Hauber

1986 – 1987 – Marge Gearhart

1988 – 1989 – Phyllis Thompson

1990 – 1991 – Leslie Gorbey

1992 – Nan Roose

1993 -1994 – Diane Imboden

1994 – 1995 – Patti Stone

1996 – Cheri Bennett

1997 – Katrina Branting

1998 – Tricia Blevins

1999 – Phyllis Hughes

2000 – Brenda Brown

2002 – Norma Pacl

2006 – Toni Elliot

2007 – 2008 Kim Loar

2009 – Kathy Retherford

2011 – Jeanne Riley

2013 – Lyn Daubert

Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love.

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